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The overall purpose of the Imagine This partnership is improve the health and wellbeing of children and young people in Torbay. In order to do this we want to bring organisations and CYPF together to establish an aspirational force for positive change and improve the wellbeing of children, young people and families in Torbay.


‘Imagine This…Torbay is the best place to grow up, where all young people thrive, achieve and are given opportunities to be the best they can be.’



I am an author, blogger, creative coach and youth mindfulness teacher. I work with young people to help them improve their wellbeing through creativity and mindfulness. I have written my debut novel, ‘Life Is Yours’ and I blog regularly.



Action To Prevent Suicide CIC is a not-for-profit community interest company whose vision is for a life-affirming world free from suicide. We wish to prevent suicide by helping people recognise and support those at risk, whilst also raising awareness and breaking the stigma. Our shared aim is to achieve this through training, advice, collaboration and guidance.



The Acorn Youth Community and Sports centre provides a wide range of facilities for all ages all groups. Many sports activities and community groups.



We protect and support children and young people, providing practical and emotional care and support, ensuring their voices are heard, and campaigning to bring lasting improvements to their lives.



We are Active Devon, your community-focused, non-profit organisation dedicated to inspiring and supporting people in Devon to be active. We believe that regardless of age, ability or background, being active is central to living healthier, happier and more connected lives. We hope you feel inspired and that you will join us in getting Devon active!



The aim of the Apricot Centre is to create and run a sustainable diverse farm, wellbeing service and business. It recognizes that there is a fundamental link between the wellbeing of the soil, food and habitat and the mental and physical health of the people in and around the farm, making for a wonderful environment for a warm and effective mental health/ wellbeing service for children and families. The Apricot centre is a small (CIC) company that cares for the environment and for people.



Arts Lab is a social enterprise that uses experimental visual art to connect artists and communities for mutual benefit. We run a What’s On programme of events and workshops from our home studio at Dartington in South Devon. We involve communities in hands on creative making – from carers and children to teachers and students; prison officers and prisoners to corporate leaders and office workers. We support artists to develop their practices in new, exciting ways that connect with communities. We share inspiring case studies and stories of people and organisations we’ve worked with. Our mission is to inspire creative thinking and positive transformation across communities with shared, hands-on involvement with and appreciation of contemporary art practice. Provided with opportunities to explore, experiment and express, not only are we helped to overcome obstacles and to make better decisions, we become better collaborators and have a broader understanding of our own, each others’ and the wider world.



A social and support group for children and young people on the Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC), their siblings (with or without formal diagnosis) and parents/carers, supporting and signposting parents, reducing feelings of isolation. The aim of the group is to encourage social interaction, play, personal awareness and a better understanding of self and others.



We are a national charity that works with the country’s most vulnerable children and young people. We listen. We support. We act. Because no child should feel alone.



Are you looking for things to do and a place to go? Music projects, karaoke, dj’iing, graffiti art projects, arts and crafts,youth cafe study support, pool, sports, dance, healthy living projects, life skills, trips, events and off site activities, accredited youth awards, group work projects,young volunteering opportunities, outreach and street-based youth work, visits from specialist workers, information and support, wheelchair access, you make it your own, we provide the tools. Music projects, karaoke, dj’iing, graffiti art projects, arts and crafts,youth cafe study support, pool, sports, dance, healthy living projects, life skills, trips, events and off site activities, accredited youth awards, group work projects,young volunteering opportunities, outreach and street-based youth work, visits from specialist workers, information and support, wheelchair access, you make it your own, we provide the tools.



Daisi is a not-for-profit arts education organisation creating and promoting inspiring artistic and cultural experiences which enable more children and young people to access the transformative and inclusive power of the arts. Daisi believes that such experiences should sit at the very heart of young people’s lives and learning; sparking their imaginations, supporting their well-being and self-esteem, and helping them to observe and explore the world around them. Daisi works with talented, professional artists across all art forms – from animation and environmental sculpture through to music, dance, drama, visual arts and literature – to bring high-quality, creative and exciting experiences into a broad range of settings across Torbay and Devon, in schools and in non-formal settings. Every day we see the benefit that early exposure to the arts can create for children and young people. Fundamental to Daisi’s vision is that we find ways to collaborate and create with all children, from pre-schoolers to late teens, and including those in more vulnerable or disadvantaged communities; widening horizons and raising aspirations.



Doorstep Arts is a non-profit arts education organisation based in Torbay. We run 14 drama groups across Torbay at key doorstep sites – youth clubs, church halls and schools. We are also the creative education company in residence at the Palace Theatre, Paignton. The young people who attend these groups range in age from 0-25. They write their own stories and songs, and they explore original ideas through drama process, play, and imagination. The groups provide safe educational spaces to experiment with what it means to be an artist and to explore your own voice. We believe that we all make the story happen – that participation in the arts is a key part of working for social justice. We believe that all children’s voices and stories matter and deserve to be listened to. Doorstep Arts believes that all children deserve to be able to access high quality participatory arts and to see (and make) amazing and inspiring work on their own doorsteps. All of Doorstep’s work is educational practice as action research. This research is exploring pedagogy, performance and praxis with young people as co-researchers. Our research and practice is conducted through five key inter-connected strands of work.



Eat That Frog is a Community Interest Company that works with a wide range of people and organisations helping people to identify solutions and supports in their lives, finding ways to overcome barriers. We work with people of all ages and abilities with the ambition to develop stronger communities, empowering people’s lives.



FUNKHEAD is a fun, engaging and proven way to help our teens clear the ‘FUNK’ around exams, stress and anxiety. This unique system works on Physical, Practical and Emotional levels to help them thrive during their critical school exams.



The Great Parks Community Centre is a venue and home for the local residents of the Blatchcombe neighbourhood. We provide activities, groups and services for multiple age groups and by working together as a community, through these methods we aim to prevent social isolation, impact on anti-social behaviour and positively influence healthy lifestyles within an area of deprivation.



Groundwork is a federation of charities working nationally and locally to transform lives in the UK’s most disadvantaged communities. We’re passionate about creating a future where every neighbourhood is vibrant and green, every community is strong and able to shape its own destiny and no-one is held back by their background or circumstances. We help people gain confidence and skills, get into training and work, protect and improve green spaces, lead more active lives and overcome significant challenges such as poverty, isolation, low skills and poor health.



Healthwatch Torbay is the independent consumer champion for Health and Social Care services in Torbay, South Devon. We support and enable all members of the public to influence local health and social care services and promote better health and wellbeing. We aim to: – Strengthen the patient and public voice at both national and local level – Campaign, promote and present the collective views and experiences of patients, carers and the local – Influence policy, planning, and delivery of health and social care services in Torbay – Signpost and support the public in accessing suitable services – Represent the diverse communities across Torbay to ensure they have their say on health and social care – Work closely with Healthwatch England and the Care Quality Commission in holding commissioners and continue positive working relationships with a wide range of organisations and groups across Torbay – Continue to develop credibility and public trust by responding appropriately to concerns – Continue raising awareness of local Healthwatch via effective communication – Develop a well-established brand in Torbay



Home-Start is a local community network of trained volunteers and expert support helping families with young children through their challenging times. We are there for parents when they need us the most because childhood can’t wait.



Imagine is a multi-cultural group whose activities aim to provide benefit to peoples from ethnic communities/groups/individuals and the wider community living in Torbay. We do this through championing cultural diversity via social events, workshops, training and professional/personal development. Embedded within each activity or workshop is the aim of encouraging social cohesion and of increasing individuals’ contributions to the community via volunteering, training and employability.



Jamming Station is a hub where artists can connect and grow creatively through crafting ideas, making music and performing. Exciting projects support young people to strengthen their voice and expression, helping them to step up in their lives with greater confidence and resilience. Whatever the ability or background, we offer young people the opportunity to develop core skills, gain valuable experience and find the inspiration to reach high in their lives. The organisation is founded on the understanding that engaging in music can be transformative and empowering, can inspire social change and create a culture of respect for individuals and communities.



Libraries Unlimited believes in the unlimited potential of library services across the UK to make a positive difference to people’s lives and communities through the shared love of reading and access to a wide array of information and facilities. Starting with our operation in Devon, we are taking a new approach – re-imagining library services and adopting a new social enterprise structure that allows us to innovate to support our social goals. Across all the areas in which we operate, we aim to bring ideas, imagination, information and knowledge to people’s lives and communities, providing inspiring spaces and supporting learning through a variety of resources, support and events.



Lifeworks was established in 1996 by a group of parents and teachers who were determined to make a difference to the lives of families with learning disabled children.The charity now delivers a wide range of programmes and services, including residential and respite care, further education, life skills training, youth clubs and sport and leisure events.The charity is constantly looking for new ways to expand the education, training and recreational opportunities it offers.



Around 1997, LiNX Christian Youth Trust was launched by the local Church with the vision of​resourcing Torbay schools by supporting young people in all aspects of their development. Today LiNX has transformed from working out of a disused junk room… to a fully equipped office. From no staff… to seven passionate employees. And from a few school connections… to being a well established schools-based charity working with thousands of young people each year across eight secondary schools plus other alternative school provisions in Torbay.​You can get a clear sense for the progress that has been made over the years.



At LiveWest, we believe in a home for everyone. We own and manage over 36,000 homes across the South West, from Cornwall to Gloucestershire. We have ambitious plans to invest more than £2bn in developing 16,000 new homes in the region over the next 10 years. This is part of LiveWest taking huge steps towards alleviating the region’s housing shortage, in an area of high housing need as well as high house prices which makes accessing housing particularly challenging for many families. We offer homes for affordable rent and shared ownership sale. We also build homes for private sale, to generate profits which we then use to provide and build more affordable homes. We take the time to listen to, understand and learn from our customers. We focus on thriving as a business and employer so we can deliver more homes and even better services.



The Lupton Trust was formed by a group of local people to breathe life back into Lupton House – an old empty school, gardens and woods in Brixham. By pooling the communities’ enthusiasm, skills, expertise and knowledge to deliver an environmentally sustainable space for the whole community; enabling local people, groups, charities, arts and environmental projects to grow, develop and learn within a magical setting in the heart of Torbay.



Phab inspires and supports children, young people and adults with and without disabilities to make more of life together – breaking down community barriers, reducing social isolation, and creating opportunities for disabled people to enjoy the same activities and challenges as, and alongside, those without a disability.



We mainly work with children and families who are disadvantaged for a number of reasons including poverty, disability or marginalisation; we explore the potential of offering play to local children and look at ways to develop community cohesion. Our adventure play areas have brought together parents and local people and built new social networks helping us to get families to know each other and give parents more confidence to let their children play outside. In Torbay there is a significant older population and some evidence that children are regarded with hostility. We want to raise the profile of play, the importance of children in the public realm and the vital importance of play children’s social and physical well being.



Providing good quality, affordable housing is at the heart of what we do. With more than 50 years’ experience and over 69,000 homes across England, Sanctuary Housing is one of the UK’s leading social landlords. As a not-for-profit organisation, we reinvest any surplus we make back into our housing and services, making our communities a place our residents are proud to call home. We aim to provide an excellent, customer-friendly service. Our residents help us achieve this by challenging our performance and making suggestions about how we can improve.



We provide information, advice and support for young people & parents/carers of children with special educational needs and/or disabilities aged 0-25.



Step One supports people to manage their mental health, achieve employment goals and live more independently. We encourage people to take a first step to being in control of their future and fulfilling their potential. Our services include mental health crisis care and recovery, and one-to-one mentoring in employment and independent living skills. We work with a diverse range of people who may have a mental health issue and/or a hidden disability such as an autism spectrum condition. Our staff work in the community and at our dedicated facilities including a newly refurbished hospital and supported living residences.



Sound Communities is young and ambitious with a strong vision for how radio and music can create social change within communities. We help people to connect, engage and inspire each other through making and broadcasting radio. We are very experienced, current and responsive practitioners with a passion for creative radio and music production, to empower those on the margins to energise their communities. We develop bespoke radio and music production packages including “pop-up” broadcasts, project-based learning, work-based learning opportunities, consultancy and evaluation. We are pioneering in our use of digital technologies. Our services help organisations to engage, consult, evaluate and evidence the impact of working with communities in an innovative and rich way.



We are a Community Interest Company (CIC) providing interventions designed to support families and help children achieve the best outcomes possible.We run grant funded projects as well as offering opportunities for bespoke training, support, advice and various interventions to social care professionals, schools and parents.



Sylvan Adventures is a not for profit organisation based in the South West and provides fun, practical and outdoor learning experiences for individuals and organisations. We have a passion for nature and outdoor learning and we want to share our knowledge and enthusiasm through first hand experience to ensure the sustainability of our natural world. In this digital age our connection to nature is often neglected or missing as we lead our busy lives. Through our nature adventures we hope to enable people to create meaningful connections to nature in a fun and playful way as well as experiencing and learning new skills. In addition to the personal achievements and experiences gained from our nature adventures, we can mark your achievements with nationally recognised certificates, through our work with the John Muir Trust and Duke of Edinburgh awards. We want to provide the next generation of outdoor champions with the opportunity to gain the skills and knowledge required in order to progress an environmental career.



Established following discussions with over 100 voluntary sector representatives, The Torbay Community Development Trust (Torbay CDT) was formed with the intention of making Torbay a place where all people feel included. The Trust empowers communities, building on strengths and skills through Asset-Based Community Development. The overall aim of the Torbay Community Development Trust is to create better communication across the Bay, actively encouraging local involvement and decision making in improving the region, as well as developing and supporting volunteering opportunities of the highest standards.



Torbay Youth Trust is dedicated to promoting and supporting the wellbeing of children and young people in Torbay, in particular those who are vulnerable and who need our help most Embedded in the core principles of youth work is the belief in the positive power of relationship-based work with young people, and we see healthy attachments with trusted, non-judgemental adult figures as central to what we do This trusted relationship can often unlock the delivery of other services to children and young people who have lost trust, and who need help to rebuild it In this way our purpose is to place skilled and experienced youth practitioners at the heart of multi-agency work with some of Torbay’s most vulnerable young people and to find new ways of engaging with them via quality, relationship-based youthwork



Established in 1196, Torre Abbey is a museum of history and art housed in an Ancient Scheduled Monument with beautiful and award winning gardens. Based in Torquay on the stunning English Riviera, this family friendly Torbay Council owned museum and gardens is a centre for creativity and culture – with a seasonal programme of exhibitions, events and activities across visual arts, history and live performance. Rapidly growing as the Bay’s key cultural hub, Torre Abbey Museum is where world class exhibitions are shown side by side with creative work from local emerging talent. The Abbey is a real hive of activity which ranges from comedy nights to outdoor theatre and cinema in amongst our stunning ruins. We don’t stop there, the Abbey is also a beautiful setting for weddings, a great space for workshops and the perfect venue for school visits.



The Youth Enquiry Service Brixham Ltd. is based at The Edge, in Brixham, the smallest of three towns that make up the coastal tourist resort of Torbay. Brixham is a small fishing port in a beautiful location but because of its geographical position and areas of deprivation, it has underlying problems which need creative initiatives in order to help its community to thrive.



The National Council of YMCAs in England and Wales. We transform communities so all young people truly belong, contribute and thrive.



Our focus at Youth Genesis is the development of quality and inclusive activities of informal learning that offers support to young people facing issues such as bullying, low self-esteem, confidence, low aspirations, substance misuse, poor mental health, relationships and health.

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