Name: Torbay Communities

Strapline: Stronger together

Purpose: Enabling Torbay to be a place where all feel included and can be involved in growing a connected, vibrant, thriving, creative and prosperous community.

Strategic Aims:

  • Encouraging people to do what they do best with a team of community builders to connect and contribute to what they care about
  • Supporting groups to thrive through networks, communication, and consultation
  • Making connections, stimulating cooperation and new ways of working – creating the space for collaboration

our aims

  • Success through empowerment: believing that community development is what people do for themselves and that organisations can be supported to foster grassroots action
  • Asset Based Community Development: building on the strengths or assets in our community to address its needs
  • Adding value: not competing with or threatening the interests of member organisations but advocating the use of existing services and signposting people appropriately
  • Sustainability: supporting sustainable solutions to local issues, meeting local needs now without compromising those of the future
  • Accountability: being accountable to the Torbay community as a whole
  • Co-operation: facilitate co-operation and collaboration both within the VCSE and with business and public agencies
  • A lighter touch: working with the minimum of bureaucracy
  • Innovation: seeking to support, broker and / or facilitate innovative approaches / ways of working
  • Equality of opportunity: being committed to creating an equal and inclusive society


The Trust’s activities are based on the belief that community development is what people do best for themselves.
What we call Asset Based Community Development is all about discovering a community’s skills and resources and encouraging people to recognise what they can offer. It isn’t about looking for problems to solve but finding opportunities to develop, not about directing what goes on locally but nurturing development from within.