By Sandra Harper, who is leaving her role as Torquay Timebank Broker & Community Cafe Support, to become a Wellbeing Coordinator with Age UK Torbay.


Media: the main means of mass communication (broadcasting, publishing, and the internet) regarded collectively.

This is a relatively simple definition; today there are many ways to access the news for us all. Whether you buy a paper still or just listen to the radio, there is no escaping the negative communications. Recently we’ve had Covid and all that followed, The Russian invasion of Ukraine, Monkeypox, global warming (again), energy prices and cost of living.

Whilst all these are extremely important and devastating, do we really need to be bombarded multiple times a day? That’s an awful lot of negative press in a very short space of time. Where’s the good news?

Good news tends to be in short supply, yet there are good things happening, and sometimes we need to seek them out. As humans, our mental health is greatly affected by what we see, hear and listen to; we need to have a balance. Now I’m not saying stop reading the paper, or ignore the scaremongering, but I am saying try to get out and about and join in with one of the many activities available in the bay.

I loved going to the pub; unfortunately, I can’t do that so much now, so I still meet friends but we go for a walk or meet at each other’s house instead. I loved eating out; again, I don’t do that, so we each host a meal at each other’s house once a month. Same but different.

Take a look at Devon Connect and discover some wonderful activities and events happening where you live, join a group or maybe volunteer, it’s a great way to meet new people and to fill your time with positive vibes. Call the Torbay Community Helpline to offer your time should you wish to try volunteering or take a look at the Timebank to see how you can create your own good news.

Remember, if you are affected by any of the above issues and need some help, please call the helpline on 01803 446022 to talk to someone and help you lift that weight.

I’m off now to go for a paddle, take some pictures and create my good news story to make my good news day.