By Victoria Campbell, Community Builder for Brixham


It’s the absolute best time of the year to be living in our beautiful home town of Brixham – so many wonderful outdoor activities happening, and this seems to grow bigger and better year by year.

From joining the amazing yoga sessions to stretch and connect with your bodies, getting fit with kayaking and body boarding and joining in with the ever-expanding wild sea swimmers, going for refreshing coastal walks, and enjoying the freedom of bike riding, the list of activities goes on and on.

Nicola Bianca, one of Brixham’s Yoga teachers, has been teaching outdoor yoga in the beautiful surroundings of Fishcombe Cove Café, spending quality time practising yoga finished with a wonderful healthy picnic all supplied for you.

The outdoor sea swimmers are growing by the day, this seems to be an addictive pastime… apparently, once you start, you can’t stop.

I haven’t personally joined them as yet but I am told of the incredible benefits of sea swimming. From releasing stress, relaxing your muscles, and promoting deep sleep, swimming in the sea had also been linked to stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for rest and repair of your body. It also triggers the release of dopamine and serotonin.

Music at the Brixham Edge is also expanding with many people feeling much more comfortable getting out and about after the last two years of the lockdown. If you are interested in joining in with the musical maestros, contact Tom Crump at Brixham Edge in Bolton Street on 01803 851514 and you will be made to feel very welcome.

I will be continuing my drop-in yoga classes, also at the Brixham Edge. These are held on different times and days to suit everyone. You can contact me for more information. Every second Tuesday of every month, we have the wonderful Linda and Fave performing classic gold rock and roll band, it starts at 2pm and includes a £2 donation, refreshments are provided.

To find out more about what is going on in Brixham, contact me on 07832 781 031 or email [email protected]