We’re on hand with tailor-made support for charities and groups in Torbay

Here at Torbay Communities, we firmly believe in our mantra “Stronger together”, as we’re dedicated to bringing together the community and rallying around to help one another through all sorts of scenarios.

We’ve come together to help the lonely and isolated through our team of Community Builders, we’ve united during the Covid-19 pandemic via the Torbay Community Helpline, we’ve helped groups across the Bay secure funding with our Community Funding Advice services, we’ve provided a voice and resources to younger people through Imagine This, and so, so much more.

To say we’ve racked up a fair bit of experience, contacts and assets is an understatement, but to continue empowering the community, we want to put all that to further use. Now, Torbay Communities are providing support packages to charities and community groups, who may otherwise be struggling to attempt it all by themselves.

As many groups will have a limited amount of people who can fulfil essential roles, will be lacking funding, and may struggle with access to resources, this is where we can lend support, as our specialist expertise on a wide array of skills and services can be a source of relief, rather than leaving them to fend for themselves, attempting to juggle a lot in a valiant effort to become jacks of all trades.

We have a range of services for a range of requirements, so those who need anything from us are welcome to cherry-pick what they need, as our services can be adjusted into the ideal package to meet your organisation’s needs.

Say your group, charity or social enterprise is looking at funding, and you’re struggling with the prospect of applying for a fund, grant, award or where even to begin applying/how to apply – that’s where you could speak to our experienced Community Funding Advisor, Steven Chown, who can provide an initial consultation, research, support and information on funding bids, details on training workshops, support on contracts, tender applications, commissions and service level agreements, to name but a few things Steven can help with

Continuing on the subject of finances – need help with bookkeeping, administrative and accounting efforts? Our amazing finance team of Rosie Wren and Pete Bunn could be the solution. With workshops on keeping accounts, intros to online financial systems such as Xero, and then some, the team are there if you need them.

Bamboozled by data management and impact reporting, on how to keep all your information up straight and demonstrate how your work is helping others? Our Data and Impact Lead, Sarah Warren is the woman for the job.

Want help getting the word out and about what you do, to let people know you’re there to provide support, and lead to more opportunities to work with others, grow your organisation and ultimately make a bigger impact? Speak to David Gledhill (who you’ll usually find writing this very column) and I – we’re an experienced marketing and communications team, who’ve covered a range of occasions and needs of varying magnitudes on all sorts of mediums. Need a leaflet or poster? Speak to us! Want to write a piece for an article or advertising campaign? Speak to us! Creating or updating a website? Speak to us! Setting up something for social media? Speak to us! Want to make a video? You guessed it – speak to us!

We can provide support with so much more, as we’ve come across all sorts in our time. Informal volunteering opportunities – we’ve got the Torbay Community Helpline and the bay-wide Good Neighbours Networks. Torbay Together is a free, community hub for sharing and finding social and volunteering opportunities, as well as skill swaps via the timebank. Asset-Based Community Development – a key feather in the cap of our organisation, a cornerstone of our Community Builder team, building upon the foundations of what already exists out in the community, and building back better, stronger, together. Want to create and codesign alongside the community? Tick. Risk assessments and method statements? Tick. Event management and coordination? Tick.

For any of this, and then some, get in touch with John Arcus, our Operations Manager – call him on 07548 704877 or email [email protected], and we can begin crafting the right package for your organisation’s needs, to truly become stronger together.