“Warm Spaces are places across Torbay which are warm, welcoming, and safe. They are free to use, and visitors can have a hot drink. There may be food on offer or activities to enjoy. They may also be able to signpost people to other support if needed. People may visit a Warm Space for a wide variety of reasons. They might be struggling to keep their homes warm, or they might just need a bit of company. Whatever the reason for visiting, people are welcome to stay for as long as they wish.” – Torbay Council

Our list of Warm Spaces can be viewed on Google Maps by clicking here or by downloading the document linked below, and includes details on what’s available at each location, contact details and open hours.

More details about the Warm Spaces scheme, including how to find them, visiting them, and how to register as a Warm Space, can be found on Torbay Council’s website.


Festive tea photo courtesy of Freepik.com