By Theo Tanser, Community Builder for Hele, Watcombe & Barton


January brings the usual good intentions and by mid-month mine are usually falling by the wayside, especially if they involve more exercise and less food. For 2023 how about giving yourself instantly rewarding resolutions like doing something that makes you smile or laugh, phoning an old friend you have not spoken to for a while, doing something creative, learning a new skill, joining a new group, giving yourself some “me” time.

As a community builder, I can recommend joining a new group. I counted up the group activities we have going on in Hele, Barton and Watcombe the other day and it came to 53…and that is just the ones I know about, I bet there are more. There is lots of choice for all ages throughout the week. From line dancing to dog training, coffee mornings to pole dance exercise. If you cant find what you want how about starting up a new group, I can help you with that. You can find these activities in your local community magazine, “Community in Action” in local shops, community centres or GP waiting rooms…it is free. Editor John Hough welcomes any help you can offer, writing articles, fundraising, distribution etc. contact him at [email protected]

Another thing you might like to get involved with is our local Community Partnerships. This is a space where local residents can be heard and take action to improve things in their local area. Willows, Watcombe and Higher Barton partnership are currently in the process of planning an event for Saturday 5th March to bring people together to explore how we can be creative in helping each other through the cost of living crisis, next meeting is on February 7th at Barton Baptist church at 7pm.

Hele and Lower Barton Community Partnership have their next public meeting and AGM on 21st February at 6pm at the windmill community Centre.

If you would like to volunteer, join a Timebank, set up a group, or find out what’s on, then phone me on 07599 993987 email me at [email protected] follow me on Facebook

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