The Yarn Fairies have been hard at work in St Marychurch ahead of Armistice Day this Friday (Nov 11th)

Back in June, immediately after completing Jubliee displays around the village, the St Marychurch Yarn Fairies got to work to create more than 5,000 poppies for a seven-metre cascade of flowers.

Last week, the group led by Sandie Jackson and Jo Sharlott met in the wind and the rain in St Mary the Virgin Parish churchyard to set up the display, which includes a named poppy for each person from the area who died during World War I and II.

There is also a tribute to the 21 children and three teachers who were at Sunday school when bombs hit the church in the early afternoon of Sunday, May 30th 1943.

Jennie Langridge, Community Builder for St Marychurch, Babbacombe and Maidencombe said: “The group have met up over a period of months at the Precinct social centre to check in with each other and discuss progress and have fun along the way.

“On the 27th and 28th Oct everyone came together with a glue gun and a needle in hand to put the displays together at the Precinct social centre but they found they needed more space, so went next door to St Marychurch Hall to spread the seven-metre cascade out and glue all the poppies on.

“On the 1st of November, the group met in the rain and wind and adorned the churchyard with the remembrance display. It was a lovely team community effort with everyone involved to make the display across the churchyard. Working hard to make Sandie and Jo’s vision come alive.”