22ND MAY 2024

What is the Community Fund?

The Torbay Council Community Fund offers small grants to develop opportunities for community-driven initiatives to improve the health, wellbeing, and culture of local populations within Torbay.

It is an initiative funding small community-led schemes to improve one or more of the following areas:


  • People’s health and wellbeing, e.g. helping people get more active or look after themselves better
  • Developing arts, culture and experience of Torbay e.g., providing opportunities to make Torbay a better place to live, work or learn
  • Improving the environment that people live in, e.g. caring for, improving and regenerating open spaces, parks, places and buildings
  • Supporting positive ageing and community cohesion, e.g. through more integrated arrangements with the voluntary and community sector, assets are developed to allow people to feel empowered to stay well in their home and local area.
  • Children and young people’s experiences in Torbay, e.g. becoming or staying healthy, developing skills and experiences, access to clean and secure environments to meet, play and socialise.


Applications may be from £25 – £400.


Torbay Council’s Community Fund is to support projects which seek to contribute to the visions contained within the Community and Corporate Plan, and which:


  • Create or develop new groups, activities and places that improve local communities and the lives of people of all ages who live there
  • Maintain or improve existing groups, activities or buildings that benefit the local community
  • Develops and supports culture in Torbay, making it a better place to live, work and learn
  • Encourage groups and communities to come together to support themselves and others

Who can apply?

Not for profit, community-led groups and organisations, including constituted and unconstituted groups (see information about host organisations in the terms and conditions), registered charities and social enterprises, that benefit people and communities in Torbay.


Priority will be given to:

  • Applications from individuals or new groups who have a good idea which highlights the benefit to the wider community and shows that community engagement and co-production has occurred in the design and delivery of the project, demonstrating a real community need
  • Applications from groups and organisations that have not received a Community Fund grant within the past 12 months
  • Small community-led groups and local organisations with a turnover of less than £50,000 in the previous year
  • Larger groups and organisations can apply if they can demonstrate the application has been community-led and will have a wider community benefit
  • Activity offering support in underserved communities experiencing limited access to opportunities
  • Activity with longer-term benefit rather one-off events, one-off events may receive funding if the grant represents over 50% of the total cost and can demonstrate a lasting legacy or benefit to
    the community.


Schemes should benefit a group of people rather than just one individual.


Schemes should not promote any particular political or religious organisational gain.


Previous successful applicants can apply, but not for the same or similar project previously funded.


Groups or organisations that have outstanding feedback for previous awards cannot apply.


Branches of national or regional organisations are ineligible.




Torbay Community Development Trust (herein known as Torbay Communities) is administering the Community Fund on behalf of Torbay Council.

If awarded a grant from the Community Fund, it will be on the understanding that the following terms and conditions have been read, understood and agreed by the applicant on behalf of the organisation:


  1. The project must be ready to commence within one month of receiving a grant award and be completed within six months
  2. The project feedback form must be completed within six months of the date of the award.
  3. Consent is given for information contained within the application form to be stored electronically and for details to be shared with Torbay Communities staff, Trustees, donors, grant panels and funding partners for assessment and review purposes and Torbay Council.
  4. The applicant has read our Privacy Notice, which can be found here. For the purposes of this award Torbay Council Privacy Notice will apply, which can be found here.
  5. Consent is given for Torbay Communities or Torbay Council to contact the applicant by email or telephone to discuss the application for assessment, evaluation and publicity purposes, where appropriate.
  6. Torbay Communities may impose specific conditions to an awarded grant, which will be advised at the point of notification that the application has been approved for funding.
  7. Details of the grant will be made publicly available through Torbay Council and Torbay Communities publicity channels and platforms, as appropriate and in line with data protection guidelines.
  8. The grant will be used solely for the purpose outlined within the application, or otherwise agreed by Torbay Communities, and for charitable purposes only.
  9. The grant will only be used for costs incurred after the grant award date and will not be used for costs incurred for which duplicate funding has been received from Torbay Communities or other sources.
  10. If unable to use the grant for the original purpose, if there are delays to the project or activity or the circumstances of the organisation change, Torbay Communities should be contacted immediately to discuss a variation in the original purpose of the grant.
  11. Projects and organisational activity will be carried out lawfully in accordance with best practice and guidance from relevant regulators.

How do I apply?

      • Applications must be received by Wednesday 22nd May 2024, 12 noon for consideration a the Community Fund Grant Panel on Thursday 30th May 2024
      • Applicants will be notified of the outcome by Thursday 6th June 2024.
      • Please read the guidance and terms and conditions before making your application.
      • The application form, which will open in Apricot, can be found here
      • You can also download a Word version of the application form found here. This must be emailed to [email protected]
      • If you would like to see what was funded in last year a full report can be found here.
      • If you want any help with your application, contact the Torbay Communities’ Community Funding Advisor: [email protected]




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