By Christine Durrant, Community Builder for Preston


Last week, I noticed an article apologising for the fact that verges and some green areas have not been cut. This was because SWISCO have struggled to get enough people to fill their team and therefore have two people cutting grass rather than four.

I actually thought that the verges had been deliberately left, and I would like to encourage SWISCO and the council to continue to let them grow. Obviously, this needs to be kept under control so that footpaths do not become unusable, but I think it has improved the Bay, not spoiled it.

In Preston, there is a green above Preston Sands, which is now like a field of waving grasses, and it is beautiful. The dogs love to gambol in it. The benches are accessible and there is a footpath around the edge. It must be humming with insects, which attracts more birdlife. To my mind, it is a good thing.

Likewise, many people have appreciated the wildflower planting as you can see in Queen’s Park in Paignton, in Preston Gardens and the most fabulous display in the gardens in front of the Riviera Centre. This planting is good for wildlife and uplifting for us all to see.

Many of our local areas now have regular teams of people going out and litter picking to help keep them tidy and safe for the whole community. In Preston, we have a group who meet once a month. We have been cleaning around Parkfield but have noticed other areas, and in August and September we will be moving our focus to Preston Park.

We all enjoy being out in the fresh air and knowing that this community activity benefits our health and the health of our environment. If you are interested in joining a litter picking team, please contact [email protected] and let us know what area you would like to help in. We can then either send you details of a group that already exists or help you to set up one in your area.

Christine Durrant is the Community Builder for Preston. To get in touch with Christine, call 07469 660887 or email [email protected]