Share your skills and benefit at Timebank

What do you know about the Torbay Timebank?

It’s a way of helping people in your community and also getting out yourself; it’s a way of sharing your time and skills with others whenever you want to.

No money changes hands apart from any expenses incurred, such as petrol if you’ve offered someone a lift.

You earn a time credit for every hour you do which you can spend yourself on the Timebank as and when you want to.

There may be things you need yourself like learning how to use a mobile phone or learning how to knit, even ways to exercise and live a healthy life!

If you want to keep fit there is a seated yoga class on a Monday or Thursday morning at 11am at the Conservative Club in Preston.

I’m often there so can give you more information about the Timebank or help you join. On Saturday, June 8 they are celebrating D-Day. There is lots going on all day and evening including a barbecue. It’s easy to find opposite Tesco in Pre- ston and is open to everyone on that day.

If you use a computer have a look online at the different things people offer on the Timebank. The address is at the foot of this article.

If you don’t use a computer, I or your community builder can do it for you. I’m at different venues during the month to offer help or support with timebanking and to give you more information:

  • The Bright Bean Café in Preston opposite Tesco, from 2pm every week on a Wednesday.
  • Centrepeace in Paignton on the first Friday in the month from 2pm.
  • The Hyperspace café in Lidl Square on the first Tuesday in the Month from 10.30am.
  • The Torbay Community Cafe & Help Hub in Temperance Street, Torquay, on the first Monday in the month from 10.30 am.


We need more venues in Torquay, give me a ring if you have an idea. Torbay Together is the online platform for the Timebank. Visit it at

You can also contact me by email: [email protected] or my phone: 07703 715236.