Past, present and future in Hele, Watcombe and Barton

Starting with the past, Helen Kelly and I have had conversations with local people about the old days, when Hele Road was the centre of Hele village, full of shops and a place to meet your neighbours and do your weekly shopping. This interest has sparked the idea of doing a history project focused on our area. Using old photos and memories, sharing this with the younger generation, maybe a film or an exhibition….who knows. If you are interested in getting involved let us know.

Our area is buzzing with social activities and we are lucky to have lots of meeting places. If you are thinking of joining a group or doing a new exercise class, our area has lots of choice. We have three community centres, The Medway, The Acorn and the Windmill offering many lovely activities from table tennis to Bingo, craft and wellbeing, to lunch clubs. The churches also offer support and activities for old and young. Just give them a call to find out more or contact me for more information.

What does the future hold? Last month we held a workshop called “What if…?” where we imagined the future and what new things we might want in our area. Then we held the BIG event at St Martin’s church hall and gathered more ideas from local people. This is being taken to the Community Partnership meetings held every quarter to progress these ideas into action.

Keep an eye out for benches around Torbay with the Friendly Bench plaques on them, if you fancy a chat!

You will see some friendly benches popping up over the next few months, a place to sit and engage with other people, ideal if you are feeling like a chat, or feeling a bit lonely. The first one will be the bench by the shops on Barton Hill Road. If you want to suggest a bench that could be turned into a Friendly bench then please get in touch.

Theo Tanser, Community Builder for Hele, Watcombe and Barton. Call me on 07599 993987 or email [email protected] You can also follow my Facebook page: Theo Community Builder Hele, Barton & Watcombe


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