One small change, many big ripples, making all the difference

Whilst strolling along by the beach one early morning throwing pebbles into the sea for the dog and watching the ripples spread outwards it led me to reflect on my job as a Community Builder and how the ripple effect of one small change (pebble drop) in someone’s life can have a great impact. As Community Builders, we help connect people back into the community with opportunities/activities they are interested in and I’d like to give you an example of one of the many lovely people I’ve had the pleasure to meet and her journey of linking back into the community.

Maria was referred to me via the Torbay Community Helpline.  Her husband had passed away 6 months previously and she was struggling with being alone.  Maria wanted to socialise locally and make new friends and was unsure how to go about this. I arranged to meet her at a local Café and after listening to what sort of activities she was interested in I gave her the information about various local groups. Maria smiled and said ‘I feel elated…you’ve really brightened my life. I didn’t know any of these groups existed’.

I also arranged to meet Maria in the Community Café and Hub so she could see what happens in there and introduce her to everyone.  Sometimes this initial introduction to an activity to break the ice is all that’s needed for the person to gain confidence and move forward in their life.   Since I first met Maria in  November 2023 she has been to a Bereavement and Friendship Group, a Knit and Natter group, been on various OurBus trips, trips to the Theatre and community lunches to name a few – the ripple effect is that through going to these activities she’s heard about other groups and activities which she now goes to, has made friends and connected with like-minded people which has made her feel positive about the future.

You can all be pebbles in the sea that creates the ripple for change.

If you’d like to know what’s going on locally or have an idea for new things that bring people together please give me a call:

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