Male voices are welcome and welcoming

Some of the members of Man Talk, a social chat group who meet at Custom Coffee Co. in Paignton

Recently, I visited Man Talk, the social chat group just for men, at Custom Coffee Co. in Littlegate Road, Paignton.

These boys always make my heart sing. They are an eclectic group who have bonded over many coffees and apparently now call themselves the ‘Old Farts’ Club’. (Am I allowed to say that?)

They meet every Wednesday morning, and now on Mondays too, as they decided once a week was not enough.

Meeting and talking like this has changed the lives of these men and they are always willing to welcome newcomers, as Pat found this morning on his first visit.

Another group that (literally) makes my heart sing is the recently formed Paignton Community Sing. They meet twice a month in the Isaac Merritt pub (ex-Wetherspoons) from 2pm to 3.30pm on the first and third Wednesdays.

In a separate room at the rear of the bar, we enjoy live music played by volunteers and familiar songs with song sheets.

There is no charge, but we purchase drinks to show our apprecia- tion to the pub.

Several people come along on their own and join with whoever is nearby as it is extremely relaxed and a great space to make new friends. Some- times it’s hard to stop the chatter long enough to sing!

We are always looking for more musicians, so please get in touch if you can join us.

For some, making new friends seems hugely daunting, but this is where community builders can help. If you would like to visit a new group near you, we can accompany you first to help you settle in.

Please contact us if we can help; we love people and are all very approachable.

And finally, is there anyone suffering from long Covid who would like to meet with other sufferers who understand how hard it is? We have a monthly support group in Paignton and would love to share experiences with more people who understand this debilitating condition.

Please contact me about this or anything else I have mentioned, on my phone 07716 074903 or email [email protected]