LocalMotion Financial Wellbeing workshop

LocalMotion will be running a Financial Wellbeing workshop on Thursday 20th July, 2-5pm at the Windmill Centre in Torquay.

The aim is to have creative conversations about themes emerging from the last workshop:


  • Collaboration and sharing the resources we do have in Torbay.
  • Changing the cultural narrative so that young people can see more potential for them to stay and thrive in Torbay.
  • Education and building financial literacy across age groups.
  • Investing in households to help create the stability they need. Looking at the possibility of a savings club. More people being paid the National Living Wage instead of the Minimum Wage.
  • Funding models –inviting a ‘Dragons Den’ of social investors to support small businesses and social enterprise.
  • Housing – exploring a community land trust opportunity, looking at tiny homes, social lettings ‘plus’.
  • Reputation and needs of Torbay – telling positive stories about Torbay and creating more supply chains that benefit the local economy.


The purpose of this workshop on 20th July is to look at the ideas already coming up, throw in some more and decide where to add LocalMotion resource to experiment and make change.

You don’t need to have attended previous conversations to take part. LocalMotion can pay for your time if this would be a barrier to your participation.

If you’re interested, contact Jo Curtis – phone 07821 663379 or email [email protected]


Image by wayhomestudio on Freepik