By Ash Rangasamy, Community Builder for Paignton Town Centre and Clifton With Maidenway


It’s getting chilly, eh!? I’m writing to you, nestled in a small grotto of blankets and jumpers, hot water bottle and scarfs on hand. I think there’s a small dog in here somewhere, but at this point, were more fabric than fur! So who knows! I have blankets draped on every surface and smushed into cracks and crevices (like doors…not my crevices. Not yet, anyway).

I realise though that, as we tentatively wander into this cold, cloudy, coffer-emptying winter, I’ve not really had the time to think about the cold.

I think I’ve been so busy, and so filled with warmth from those around me that, for now at least, I’ve managed to keep the frost at bay…out of the bay! HA, accidental pun!

Across the bay, People are scrambling to secure warm spaces, provide necessary provisions and establish opportunities to keep us all busy, moving and warm. This year, it is the season where giving will mean receiving.

And in the spirit of giving receiving and the warmth that can bring, I would like to introduce you to…the Big Exchange.

Come join us at Hyperspace on Tuesday 6th December from 11am -2pm.

The Paignton Christmas Big Exchange run by the Torbay Timebank. You can bring along your unwanted or pre-loved items that could become someone else’s Christmas present! Take home anything you like from the tables of goodies without the exchange of any money. Books, clothes, home produce, plants, toys, homeware etc (Please, no electrical items please). Everything is free. (my favourite price!)

Enjoy making some Christmas crafts with your little ‘uns or have a play in the ball pool. Have a lovely cup of hot chocolate, coffee or bubble tea at the café (they have like a billion flavour combos, all exquisite!)

Find Hyperspace in the Lidl square in the centre of Paignton.

This is an odd time were facing. One that feel very uncertain and scary. But you are not alone. There are warm spaces, food banks, coat exchanges, big exchanges and financial advice out there. So please, do not go it alone.

Contact us. Talk to us. And now more than ever, let’s bask in the warmth of each other.

I do hope this festive season turns out to be a great one for you all out there. And we at CDT will be here alongside all of you should you need us!

So Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all. And I’ll see you in the New Year!

To contact Ash, call him on 07703 715222 or email [email protected]