By Gill Knight, Community Builder for Paignton South – Goodrington, Roselands, White Rock, Hookhils, Broadsands, Galmpton and Churston


In the disposable society that we live in, it is heart-warming when you come across opportunities where we can do our bit to recycle and help others.

Last week, I noticed a “Bra Bin” at Churston Library, where those ill-fitting bras lurking in the drawer can be rehomed, whilst the Preston Conservative Club has a Spectacle Bin where old glasses are collected to make a difference to those in Africa.

My Timebank colleagues recently organised a number of “Big Exchanges” where no money exchanges hands, but many pre-loved or excess items were offered and taken for free, giving old items fresh life in new homes.

If you would like to help organise something similar in your area, please call your local Community Builder; the next one will be held on Friday, September 30 at The Edge in Brixham 1-3pm.

If you have not heard of Timebanking, it is a way of offering support to others in the community doing the things you enjoy. It is really a series of good deeds shared with virtual points collected and spent each time you use someone’s skills or someone uses yours – there will be the opportunity to find out more at our Ageing Well event on September 17 at the Riviera Centre in Torquay.

The Ageing Well Festival is a FREE event, with many talks, activities, and groups sharing what they do. There will also be stalls, music, dancing, and lots more, whilst in my Community Builder space, there will be the chance to chat to someone from the Friends of Clennon Lakes Volunteer Group, the York Road Allotment Association, the Churston Knit and Natter group, the Amblers Walking Group, the Paignton Library Coffee ‘n’ Chat group, the Goodrington Memory Café and Hookhills Community Centre.

I would also like to mention the Galmpton Autumn Festival, Sunday, September 11, with live music, Morris men, fruit, veg, craft, cake and flower displays. Come along and get inspired – check the Galmpton Festival Association Facebook Page.

A final Happy Birthday must go to Land Army veteran, Lee Brennan, who celebrated her 100th birthday with a card from the Queen, a few friends and fish and Chips…congratulations Lee.

To contact Gill, phone 07884 887063 or email [email protected]

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