By Matt Saunders, Marketing & Communications Assistant


In a mission to create a connected Torbay, where people can work together as equals to tackle deep-rooted systemic issues, LocalMotion aims to develop the voice and power of the bay’s people. This local branch of LocalMotion (other branches of LocalMotion are currently operating in Oldham, Middlesborough, Carmarthen, Enfield, and Lincoln) is being overseen by a unique combination of leaders and representatives from across public, voluntary, community, charity, and social enterprise sectors.

To ensure change, we cannot only simply add funds to existing projects and programmes. Instead, we need to collaborate more by speaking to others, and seeing what could be done differently and more effectively through a united effort.

LocalMotion is not a short-burn flash-in-the-pan project, but rather a long-term, ten-year opportunity to test ideas and try new methods to solve the wants and needs of the community, including how our funding systems work. Torbay’s LocalMotion received £500,000 to get to grips with root causes in these issues through co-designing and stimulating approaches, with this funding (awarded by the partnership of funders who oversee LocalMotion – Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, Lloyds Bank Foundation, Tudor Trust, Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Lankelly Chase, and City Bridge Trust) being held by the Torbay Community Development Trust.

Two big systemic issues have already been identified in the bay, for LocalMotion to experiment with potential solutions: Circular food solutions – helping communities to access good food sustainably, and Strengthening families – helping families and young people to avoid reaching points of crisis.

An opportunity for the community to take part in discussions on potential solutions will be taking place at Torquay’s Windmill Centre on Thursday 16th February, 11am-3pm at a Pizza and Pancake Party.

This will be the first event held by LocalMotion’s food group, with the objective of discussing food and raising ideas on the topic, all while having fun in an event open to all ages. Those joining in will also get the opportunity to eat and make both pancakes and pizzas, to plant seeds they can grow into edible plants at home, along with arts and crafts activities. Please note, children must be accompanied to this event.

LocalMotion is working with the Imagine This partnership, to develop several workshops and events. These are all aimed at giving children, young people and families a chance to participate in these discussions that will help counter systemic problems that will impact them and generations to come.

Like most programmes and projects focussed on particular age groups, this pairing of LocalMotion and Imagine This will benefit all ages. For instance, say if affordable housing for younger people as first-time renters/buyers was a subject up for discussion, the benefits of any solutions could potentially help make affordable homes more accessible for other people struggling to find an affordable home.

More workshops and events will be coming up, relevant to anyone living or working in Torbay, and LocalMotion is eager to have as much input as possible, to give as many the chance to ask “What if…?” or “How can we…?” in response to matters requiring solutions in Paignton, Brixham and Torquay.

To find out more about anything mentioned in this article, or even if it’s to say you’re coming to the Pancake & Pizza Party, get in touch – contact the bay’s LocalMotion Systemic Change Partner, Jo Curtis, by calling 07821 663379 or emailing [email protected].

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