Get together this Summer, with Torbay Together

Stuck for something to do this Summer? You shouldn’t be because there are opportunities galore in Torbay.

Not surprisingly, given our tourist industry, there are always things going on for our visitors, but that does not rule out those of us who live here and there are literally thousands of activities available to join in with, many of them free.

No matter what the weather – and don’t worry there must be sunshine just around the corner, which will allow all but the most hardy of souls back onto the beaches and into the sea, there is something for everyone going on every day here in the Bay.

Not everything costs money and our beautiful, if sometimes challenging topography provides a stunning backdrop to so many activities, some organised, others entirely down to your imagination.

Summer is, of course, the season of fetes, fairs and festivals and you do not have to travel far to find one every weekend from now through until September, and the great thing is the majority are run by the community for the community – your friends and neighbours giving up their time so everyone can have fun.

The Torbay Together platform is the best place to find out what is happening in your area (just put those words into your search engine and Google will take you there). Not only does it provide an exhaustive list of things happening, but it also lets you know about numerous support groups there are out there.

Support group is a wide-ranging term and might not be what you think in as much as there is help out there for all ages, and all needs from holiday playgroups to lunch clubs and organised activities to pass the time and excite the senses.

At one end of the spectrum, there are support groups in Torbay for older people as well as people living with chronic pain, experiencing grief, or who have a loved one with dementia. Or maybe you are part of a support or activity group looking for new members or volunteers? It is all at your fingertips on the Torbay Together platform.

At the other end of the spectrum are summer holiday clubs, adventure days and no end of things to do right on your doorstep and don’t forget the £2 per journey by bus if you need to travel, which runs through to the end of November.

In a nutshell, Torbay Together enables individuals and organisations to interact in a way that supports the development of a connected community. At its core is a searchable database of groups, events, activities and volunteer opportunities.

It’s free and easy to join, and once you have, you can connect with over 1,200 other members across the Bay and browse the database to find local activities that match your needs or interests.

If you run a community group or organisation – of any size – you can promote your group or venue, advertise your events or call out volunteers. In addition, your events, listings and calls for volunteers will be shared on the Torbay Together Facebook and Twitter feeds, helping your message reach even more people.

Torbay Together is also where you can join the Timebank – a skills share where time spent helping others earns you time spent on yourself. The Timebank works very simply. Let’s say you’re a keen gardener: you could lend a hand to someone who has problems looking after their own garden or needs some advice on putting the right plant in the right place. In return, you might get help putting up that shelf you need at home.

You don’t have to be alone and there are lots of other people of all ages just like you who want to share their time doing things for themselves or for others and Torbay Together is what we like to call a gateway to a world of opportunities.

If you live in Brixham, then The Signal is a great source of What’s Ons and in Paignton and Torquay a great starting point is the community magazine The Beach Hut. It is also worth keeping an eye on your local newspaper, like this one.

Check it out today and join in the fun by going to: