Free healthy sessions on living longer, better lives in Torbay

A lot of our work at Torbay Communities – Stronger together, focuses on people’s health and wellbeing and we have a whole range of new courses launching for the Summer.

Keeping active is key to staying healthy and our courses cover everything from diet and nutrition to outdoor and indoor fun activities that will keep you as fit as you can be.

Diet, nutrition and hydration (especially in Summer) is core to health and we have sessions on the subject with the first taking place at Upton Vale Baptist Church Torquay (spaces limited to 30 attendees) from 10.15am till 1.15pm, tomorrow ( Thursday 6th of July). Second at Paignton Baptist Church on Winner Street 25th of July 10.15am till 1.15pm and thirdly at Brixham Baptist church on the 21st of August 10.30am till 1.30pm.

To kick things off, there will be a fun quiz on the topic of food and drink, followed by an explanation of how to read food labels, what they mean, and how diet can affect our moods and wellbeing followed by a fun activity where everyone will measure out what they think a portion or recommended portion is, of different food and drinks.

Later, after a break (with refreshments!) a session about hydration and getting liquids into you, especially while it’s hot – fruit, ice pools, jelly, ice cream, and why is it so important to stay hydrated and the risks of not.

Turning Heads CIC will be joining us to rustle up a selection of tasty meals (veggie style) using different ingredients such as bulger wheat, couscous and chickpeas – for people to try and also take recipe cards and ingredients home.

Diet and hydration need to be coupled with exercise and you can have a go at exercise classes for most abilities which are adaptable for use in the comfort of your home without the need of equipment and you can sit, or stand for all or some of the exercises. You will receive a free fitness therapy band to use for some of the stretches and you can take it to use at home.

These classes will take place with Elisabeth Bennetts and Jess Slade on 25th of July 2-4pm at Upton Vale Baptist Church, 7th of August at Brixham Baptist Church 11-1pm and 31st of August Paignton Baptist Church 2-4pm.

Or if that does not float your boat join in a lawn green bowling taster session for a game or two with coaching, tips and experienced players to help along the way.

The taster sessions will be taking place at Paignton Bowling Club, Queen’s Park Rd, Paignton TQ4 6AH on Friday, August 4th from 11-1pm, Friday August 18th 2-4pm and Thursday, August 31st 11-1pm. And also at Brixham Bowling Club, Nelson Road, Furzeham Green, TQ5 8BH on Monday July 31 and Monday August 14th from 11-1pm.

Live Longer Better beach and sea sessions have also been organised with Healthscape at a beach hut at various locations for seawater-related activities and a social beach experience. Healthscape will be providing fully qualified Swim leaders to run the sessions and all you need is your swimwear, sea shoes, a towel, water or drink, and sun cream.

Introduction to the Sea sessions will involve paddling and movement in the water where you can stand and build up your confidence to be in the water – no swimming in sea experience necessary. These take place at Broadsands on 24th of July 10.30am -1pm, Preston Beach 15th of August 10.30am – 1pm and Goodrington on 5th of September 1.30-4.30pm.

Sea Dips will be for those slightly more confident to swim, capable but wanting support, and confidence building to swim in the sea and these will take place on Preston Beach – 19th of July 10.30am – 1pm, on Goodrington – 22nd of August 1.30pm until 4pm and on Broadsands – August 30th 1.30-4.30pm.

And finally, if you prefer to see the view under the surface there are Introduction to Snorkelling for beginners sessions which will be held at Broadsands on Wednesday the 2nd and 23rd of August – times will be dependent on tides and weather

All sessions are aimed at over 50’s, however, all ages are welcome to join in. If you’re interested or would like to book your place at any of these events please email Jess Slade [email protected]  or call her on 07772023170.