By Joey Damiral, Community Builder for Chelston, Cockington & Livermead


Torbay has experienced a thrill of excitement over the past few weeks – hosting the Electric Bay Festival on Torre Abbey Meadows, announcing Patrick the Pony as Mayor of Cockington and welcoming royal visitors Prince Charles and Camilla to our historically magnificent area.

I am sure that much more delight is just around the corner. In fact, Children’s Week Torbay is from August 16th to 20th on Paignton Green, celebrating its 75th year with an action-packed programme. Saturday, August 20th, will be the dedicated Family Sci-fi and Movie Day, which should be a classic for all science fiction enthusiasts – a chance to see some very cool vehicles, such as Batmobiles and epic characters, such as Transformers.

I will be attending on Wednesday morning, representing Torbay Community Development Trust with some fellow community builders. Stop by for a chat about what’s going on across Torbay. I will also be representing Torbay Lego Masters, so if you fancy coming along and building something fantastic, then that’s totally awesome as well. The Drum Inn at Cockington has just delivered its first outdoor cinema experience by showing Mamma Mia on the evening of July 28th.

The Drum will be showing more movies in their spacious garden, so keep a lookout for the next viewing. The R&V café in Livermead is looking to shake things up by offering more community outreach. They will be holding an opening evening on August 12th at 7pm for people to come by and make suggestions on community activities that they would like to get involved with at the venue.

Whether it’s card games that you have a passion for, quizzes or something else, please do come and share your ideas on what you would like to see. Libraries Unlimited will be holding a picnic and play in the park event on August 23rd from 2pm to 3:30pm at Victoria Park, Chelston. This will involve stories and games for young people and families to take part in. Torquay Library, Taleblazers and community builders will be involved in the running of this.

Enjoy the summer holidays and take good care.

Do get in touch – [email protected] or call 07754 609 494