Composing Paignton pieces – Community Matters

Devon composer Emma Welton

It is always great to hear about new initiatives and this week I have an exciting one to tell you about.  Open Season is a four-week series of events funded by Torbay’s Cultural Development Fund.  These will be focused on central Paignton and on the Torbay Picture House in particular.

Steve Sowden, who is Paignton born and bred, will be working in collaboration with Devon composer Emma Welton and with the community over the coming weeks to get a truly local perspective on how Paignton is viewed by its residents.  They want to collect and collate memories from all of us, young and old, plus our visions and dreams for how we see a future Paignton developing.  With the new development money about to be used to revitalize our town centre, there couldn’t be a more appropriate time to explore these perspectives.  Steve and Emma want to ensure that their production has an authentic voice from and for the people of Paignton.

Paignton born & bred Steve Sowden

They would like to hear from anyone and everyone so they can gather stories and anecdotes that will feed into the performance.  It could be your words or memories that spark a line in a song, or an idea you have that becomes part of a piece of poetry or prose.  Maybe you would like to lend your voice to the project as a singer, or read out some lines of verse?  Maybe you have an interesting snippet of history – large or small?  To share it please get in touch with Steve and Emma by emailing: [email protected] or call Steve on 07715 546560.

There will be rehearsals for the show in Paignton Library on the 12th, 19th and 20th October, times have yet to be confirmed so please contact Steve nearer the time.  The performances will take place in front of Paignton Picture House on the evenings of 20th and 21st October at 19:30 and at 19:00 on the 22nd October.

Also part of Open Season over the weekend of 23rd to 24th September, Artizan Collective has organised The Great Paignton Paint Out. On Day 1 there will be 10 professional artists out and about in Paignton creating live works. Watch them work and find out about the buildings that have caught their attention. On Day 2 it is your turn to come along to Paignton Seafront and have a go.  Bring your own art supplies or pick up some freebies on the day and ‘Paint Paignton’ with us. You can get tips and advice and watch live demos on the day but most of all we want you to join in the fun whether it is a first time for you or you are an experienced artist. To find out more about the full schedule of events visit

To find out more about what’s happening around Preston, Paignton, contact Chris Durrant – phone 07469 660887 or email [email protected]