By Theo Tanser and Dan Best, Community Builders for Hele, Watcombe & Barton


As community builders, we support individuals to enrich their lives by connecting with others and encouraging involvement in their own neighbourhood activities.

We also support the groups, organisations and spaces where this activity happens.

One of the spaces that we have been supporting over the last few years is Cricketfield Community Garden on Cricketfield Road, Torquay.

It is actually on the grounds of Torquay Academy, who have supported this project and some of you may remember it as ‘Gardens and Greens’, which was a Hele’s Angels project about five years ago. The garden is a place to belong, a place to breathe and a place to grow.

The garden members are supporting each other to grow plants and friendships together. The communally grown vegetables and fruit are shared by the garden members or are available on our stall at the gate.

Any surplus being used for community events and this year we are supporting a Christmas dinner on Christmas Day at Acorn Centre. Current weekly open sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday are from 10am to 2pm. However, if you become a garden member you get unlimited access to the garden. There is wild space to attract nature.