Community Builders continuing to bring people together

We are Amanda Lynn and Andrew Wade, the lead co-ordinators of the Community Building Team, a group of 17 dedicated community builders, each rooted in a different neighbourhood across Torbay.

Our mission? To weave connections across the Bay, uniting the community, voluntary sector, and public services. Working towards a brighter, more sustainable future for the people of Torbay.

For our CBs, no two days are the same; every day is a new adventure! We’re like the local matchmakers, introducing people with similar interests to each other, facilitating the formation of groups,  sparking friendships, and making connections.

Helping Torbay become an even better place to call home through collaboration and sharing skills. As the name implies, we work to build community, reconnecting people who, for whatever reason, have become lonely and isolated and opening up new opportunities for them.

Currently, community builders are working with some exciting partners.

For example, LocalMotion is a group of six major national funders who have committed to a ten-year programme to assist local people to work for sustainable change in Torbay. The LocalMotion group in Torbay are looking at three main areas; opportunities for children and families, sustainable food and financial security.

If you are interested in joining the expanding LocalMotion family, ask your community builder and they will help you get involved.

Community builders work with people of all ages, so an important partner is Imagine This, a collaboration of groups under the Torbay Communities umbrella, working for and with the young people of Torbay.

Community builders work with groups within Imagine This to encourage intergenerational activities that allow the sharing of skills. Together, they are working with people of all ages to make Torbay a more inclusive and connected place.

Community builders are working alongside partners from Public Health, Swisco and voluntary and community sector members to get Torbay registered as a sustainable food place. This is important work that covers food waste, food insecurity, local growing and access to healthy food.

And of course, if you think you might want to get involved, then as before, your community builder is the go-to person to make the connection.

Look out for news of the Ideas Fairs that community builders run so they can get your views on what they might do to help you make Torbay an even better place.

To find out who your local Community Builder is and how to contact them, look on our website for our list of Community Builders. You can also call us on 01803 212638 or email [email protected]and we’ll get you connected to your local Community Builder (and through them, the local community!)