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Throughout the summer, the Community Builders embarked on an exciting journey with the Chrysalis Bus, bringing creativity and community engagement to local events. As the sun painted the Bay in warm shades, the Chrysalis Bus emerged as a captivating haven, inviting individuals of all ages to explore, connect, and create.

The Chrysalis Bus opened its doors to eager visitors at various events, and children and adults alike ventured inside, discovering a world of hidden delights. Cupboards and drawers yielded surprises—enticing materials, intriguing artifacts, and tools for artistic expression. Every corner revealed a new avenue of exploration, igniting imaginations and fostering a sense of wonder.

The bus’s creative energy spilled outside, manifesting in a vibrant craft table. Children gathered, to make and create. Guided by friendly Community Builders and lovely volunteers, young minds transformed raw materials into art, creating shared memories and connections.

At the heart of the Chrysalis Bus experience were the dedicated Community Builders. Their warm interactions and genuine conversations formed bridges between strangers, fostering bonds of friendship. Discussions centred around local concerns and aspirations, cultivating a sense of shared purpose and unity.  “It’s so great that you are out there doing stuff like this and letting people know what’s going on in the community as otherwise I would not have a clue as I’m not on Facebook.”

We were at:

  1. Babbacombe Fair: With the breathtaking  Babbacombe Downs as the backdrop, the Chrysalis Bus welcomed fairgoers to a world of artistry and exploration.
  2. Children’s Week: Laughter echoed as children immersed themselves in the bus’s treasures, their creativity ignited by the captivating space.
  3. Goodrington Fayre: Amidst the festivities, the Chrysalis Bus became a hub where generations converged, bound by the threads of creativity and fun.
  4. Willow’s Fun Day at the Willow Tree Pub: Laughter and joy enveloped the bus, becoming a conduit for forging connections and sparking imaginations.
  5. Torbay Pride on Torre Abbey Green: The Chrysalis Bus stood as a symbol of acceptance and unity, celebrating creativity and embracing diversity.


If you would like to find out more about the Chrysalis Bus and how you could hire it for your event contact Kelly Bedoyan on [email protected]

Don’t miss Muddy Mums at Cricketfield Community Garden, Cricketfield Road, Torquay. Muddy Mums Torbay!  A group for mums, female carers and their children to enjoy outdoor play together. First Sunday of the Month…all free.

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