Bumping into a local author, with an amazing life story to share

In my last piece for the Torbay Weekly, I mentioned how important those ad-hoc conversations are with neighbours. As Community Builders, probably the biggest part of our role is talking – and drinking coffee, but that is a whole story on its own, so much so that Torbay Communities has written a mini-play about it! We even have ‘Stop Me and Have a Chat’ on the backs of our fleeces and people often do so.

Local author Kelsang Pawo

I want to introduce you to Kelsang Pawo, a local author.  Pop his name into Google and you will discover what an amazing life story he has.

I bumped into Pawo last summer not long after I’d moved to work in Paignton after Community Building in Torre & Upton.  He was standing by the steam railway, looking exactly as in the photograph.  It was Children’s Week and I was on my way to Paignton Green but intrigued, I went to speak to him and was instantly captivated by his gentle demeanour and sense of fun. Later that day he appeared at Paignton Green and we had a chance to continue our conversation.

I hoped I’d bump into him again at some point and finally did just a few days ago. This time I made sure I got his contact details! We went for a coffee and a catch-up and it turns out that his family has an exhibition of their collected artwork at the Redcliffe Hotel on 6th and 7th of July so do go along. And if you see Pawo around Paignton then do stop him and have a chat. He’s a big advocate for Paignton and is very keen to sprinkle some happiness on our town.

T’is the season of plenty. If you have internet access then pop ‘What’s on Paignton’ into Google for a number of websites packed with information about activities, events and exhibitions, some of them free. I’m a bit of a leaflet queen and regularly trawl the library for the latest. And don’t forget Torbay’s very own Torquay Museum with its lovely little café and, of course, Paignton Zoo.

Have a fantastic summer.

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