An out of this world Christmas for Cockington in 2023

I created two unique events last Christmas with Cockington Court and I am super excited to have the opportunity to report on them. The first of these was Darth Vader’s Grotto. The experience was a sell-out, which involved a Lego Workshop, a Craft Workshop and the chance to meet Darth Vader in his space-themed grotto. This all took place inside the manor house. I played the role of Lord Vader with the support of the Southern Troopers.

Children and Adults treasured the entire experience. Especially walking down the dark hallway towards the grotto (kitchen gallery), whilst Vader’s theme tune played. Then being welcomed by a Storm Trooper, Boba Fett, Kylo Ren, A Tusken Raider and the party crasher of DC Comics’ Harley Quinn. All of them had decided to be good for one day only, which was particularly difficult for Vader. Nevertheless, very comical indeed. What a wonderful surprise.

Everyone had the chance to pose with the characters and props and had some special time to engage with their beloved characters. This was a very full-on day, but the smiles and excitement made it so worth all the work that went into the making of this. The feedback has been terrific and extremely moving. I did not realise that the event would have the level of impact that it did. I am super happy that the local community relished the unique experience. Sweeney Todd’s Barbers in Chelston were an amazing supporter of the event. They lent some incredible merchandise to add to the magic of the Grotto and I spent a day getting super creative with the design. Thanks to all involved in this “out of this world” event.

Following on from this came the Christmas Space Invasion. This featured The Saber Combat Academy, Mandalorians, Doctor Who Characters, comic-book workshops, Szabotage, Bex FX Body Art, Battlezone Gaming, The Velvet Buccaneer Bar, Lego Masters, Sci-Fi Merchandise, and Carols by Cask. Just as some examples. The weather was not great for this event to conclude the “Outer Space-themed Year” at Cockington Court; however, around 2,500 people still attended.

People were able to decorate baubles with Szabotage, sit in Lord Vader’s throne room, pose with an Ex-BBC Studios Tardis, See a Cyberman and K-9 up close and personal, even do some last-minute Christmas Shopping, among other great opportunities.

The theme for 2024 is Pirates. More fun to come this year.

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