Always room for more growth – Community Matters

Walking through Scadson Woods recently I was struck by the sight of a seedling sprouting from the trunk of a Norway Maple (I think) that towered above me. This was a mature tree with patches of lichen growing on the bark like age spots, and it was from one of these that this new shoot was growing, declaring vitality and optimism, reminding me that you’re never too old to start something new.

I have had many new experiences this year. Being someone who generally avoids crowds, I am somewhat ashamed to confess I’d never attended many of the numerous events that are on offer in our Bay.

I joined in the Torbay Carnival procession, dancing around Paignton on a decidedly damp evening in July, and was inspired and humbled by the number of people who came out to encourage and enjoy it, in defiance of the rain. The community spirit was palpable.

Babbacombe Fayre was in August, bustling with happy people and with the backdrop of the stunning views from Babbacombe Downs. That was shortly followed by Paignton Children’s Week with free, quality entertainment for children and young people all week long. Why had I never been to this when my children were small?

And most recently I attended the amazing Pride event in Torquay when the sun beat down, music played, people danced, and a carnival atmosphere infused Torre Abbey Green. I felt like I had been transported to London or Brighton, and it was a joy to see a vast array of people feeling safe enough to be their true selves. Love and acceptance pervaded; long may that last.

These are just a fragment of the patchwork of events held in Torbay, offering opportunities and entertainment to locals and visitors alike. And healthy publicity. All these events celebrate Torbay. All take months of planning and preparation and endless hours of work, often by volunteers. Let’s not overlook the debt we owe to these fantastic people, for the effort they put in to benefit us all.

And let’s not forget that we are never too old to try something new.

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