A Warm invitation to join many groups and activities in Babbacombe, St. Marychurch & Maidencombe

Happy New Year everybody.

At the time of writing this at home. I am sitting here with four layers of clothes on.

It has been such a cold week, and some of us are too frightened to put the heating on and watch our pennies mount up on the smart meter!

So here is a taster of what is happening in your Community. A great way to meet new friends in a warm environment:

  • Fun get-together Quiz at The Royal Babbacombe.
  • Bereavement & Friendship Group Furrough Cross Church. The church also does a coffee morning every Friday morning and, until May, a once-a-month film afternoon. Refreshments are by donation.
  • Community Carvery lunch at the Royal
  • Dolphin Lunch Club for the over 50’s
  • Veterans & Family Lunch Club – Anchorage Hotel
  • Book Club – The Anchorage Hotel
  • Easy Exercise and a Parkinson’s Support Group – New venue, Date & time
  • Small Dog Lovers Coffee morning – Babbacombe Inn
  • Marychurch Precinct Centre for the over 55’s – open 5 days a week
  • New Group – The Torquay Pagan coffee Moot – Costa coffee, Babbacombe Hotel


If you would like any further information on these fabulous groups. Please contact me

So let’s now think ahead to spring and summer – your chance to help

Babbacombe Bay Bloomers would love your help to be a part of their amazing volunteering group.

BBB would love the community to get involved in helping to grow plants for their amazing displays. They are asking for people to grow marigolds, not just any marigold but Alumia Vanilla Cream, a bee-friendly marigold that will add depth of colour to their planting and also help the environment. These seeds – Mr Fothergills can be purchased from Drowers in St.Marychurch, garden centres or online. You can seed in March, whether on a windowsill or greenhouse.

They are to be planted out by the Volunteers from May to the end of June. For more information about where to deliver your plants and if you haven’t any transport, visit Babbacombe Bay Bloomers’ website or their Facebook page. Not forgetting you can always ring me.

BBB is always looking for volunteers to join- as they say a willing pair of hands. It doesn’t matter whether you know anything about plants. There are always so many things to do throughout the year, including helping to maintain and update their website.

Did you know that this year is the 60th Anniversary of Britain in Bloom? It is about planting, the environment, and the community, so let’s help folks. It doesn’t matter how big or small as every little helps.

To also find out what is going on in your community and how to be a part of it – visit Facebook:


Let’s all be a part of making our community a fabulous one. We can do this together😊

Drop me a line at [email protected] or call me 07469 660888