A simple “Good Morning” can make a world of difference

“Good morning.”

Just two little words said regularly with a smile, to neighbours in your street and around your area, soon turn into mini conversations which turn into longer conversations, which turn into:

“Wouldn’t it be nice if that little area at the end of the street was tidied up and planted with some pretty flowers or some herbs for people to share?”  Or:

“How’s Mrs so-and-so at number 24? I haven’t seen her for a while” “No, neither have I. Do you think we should give her a knock and see if she’s okay?”

And before you know it you have built a little community that not only looks out for each other (remember how we all did this during Covid), but also starts to look clean and tidy and blooming and welcoming, perhaps with a little shared vegetable patch or some raspberry canes (really easy to grow, by the way), or with flowers. New and lovely neighbours move in because,

“What a pretty little street this is. This looks like a safe area to raise a family/retire to.”

And so, from tiny acorns such communities grow.

We often look outwards to fix the things we feel need fixing, when it’s actually us that creates the beauty and neighbourliness in our areas. There are lots of opportunities, and often a bit of funding, for community projects to improve your area, so if you feel something “needs fixing” then we Community Builders are here to help connect you with all the right people who can help you and your neighbours to improve where you live.

Torbay Communities recently held a Cream Tea volunteers event at the Redcliffe Hotel, to say a big thank you to our amazing volunteers. If you’ve been thinking about volunteering, then check out Volunteer Torbay or Torbay Together.

And just a quick reminder that if you are interested in helping to spruce up The Gerstons in Paignton town, or getting involved with the Winner Street Revival, then get in touch: [email protected] Tel: 07703 715235.

Jo and I have a drop-in at Paignton library, on the 4th Tuesday of every month, 1pm-2.30pm.