By Matt Saunders, Marketing & Communications Assistant


Continuing on from last week’s column, I am attempting something which is no small feat – to summarise all that we do, all the projects, programmes and work that the Torbay Community Development Trust (TCDT) is responsible for.

Last week, I covered the Community Builders, who help anyone who feels lonely or isolated to reconnect with their communities, the Torbay Community Helpline – our one call helpline for all sorts of assistance, and Imagine This, which aims to bring young people in the bay together, and make it a place they’d truly enjoy and feel proud to grow up in.

As we work alongside a bay full of charities, groups and services, who are all made up of staff and volunteers dedicated to helping the community, a lot of these members of the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector will need advice and information on one particular factor, that is crucial for them to continue functioning – finances. Luckily, we have just the man for the job, Robin Causley, who is our Community Funding Advisor, who can help charities, groups and alike find or apply for funding to keep their wheels turning (Robin has quite literally helped a number of organisations raise millions over the years). If you’d like Robin’s advice, to join his handy funding bulletin mailing list, or to discuss anything along those lines, contact him by phoning 07824 698294 or email [email protected].

On an important sidenote, if you represent any groups, charities, or services who are affected by the Cost of Living Crisis, please do fill in our survey, so we can pull together a plan on how best to provide support – go to https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/99NDS2S and let us know more.

Another extremely important form of dedicated support that is on hand is the SENDIASS Torbay team (SENDIASS stands for Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities Information, Advice and Support Service) whose purpose is to provide advice and support on education, social and/or health care to those under the age of twenty-five with special educational needs and/or disabilities. To get in touch with the SENDIASS Torbay team, please email [email protected], or phone 01803 210371. An important part of SENDIASS is the Torbay Advice & Mediation Service, who can help if there are any complications/need for constructive improvement in communications between parents/carers/guardians and a school. For more details, email [email protected].

LocalMotion, a more recent edition to TCDT’s ranks, are a partnership of six funders, who are focusing on six communities across the country, in order to get a clearer picture on how they can help with social, environmental and economic needs going forward. By working with local people, civil society, public bodies, businesses and funders in these communities, they hope to generate a better plan for what needs to be prioritised. For more details, contact Jo Curtis, our LocalMotion Systemic Change Partner by calling 07821 663379 or emailing [email protected].

If you’re currently over the age of twenty-five, are currently not working (could be due to unemployment, being retired, etc.) and possibly face additional barriers to employment, Positive People are keen to support you by providing opportunities gain confidence, learn new skills, find necessary benefits and support, and meet new people. From running activities lead by staff and our volunteer Peers and socialising, to mastering the likes of digital tech and improving your CV, Positive People can help you feel ready to get out there again. To find out more, contact Natasha Talbot on 07977 226277 or email: [email protected].

Do join us next week for round three of our TCDT summary, but as always, if you have any queries or need to get in touch, you can contact us by calling 01803 212638, email [email protected], or for more information and regular updates, visit our website at www.torbaycommunities.com or follow us on Facebook and Twitter at @TorbayCDT.