By Matt Saunders, Marketing & Communications Assistant


Our third and final act of attempting to summarise all that Torbay Community Development Trust does is now here.

We’ve already covered a lot – a couple of weeks ago, we introduced the Community Builders who can bring the lonely and isolated back into the community, the Torbay Community Helpline being a one-call answer for all kinds of help, and Imagine This striving to make Torbay a better place for children, teens, and young adults. Last week, we went over our Funding Advice for local charities and groups, the SENDIASS Torbay support for under twenty-fives with special educational needs/disabilities with their education and health/social care concerns, LocalMotion’s plan to develop better priorities based on community feedback regarding social and economic needs, and Positive People’s aid for over twenty-fives, who may need a boost towards finding employment.

Torbay Together – is what we simply refer to as THE sharing website for the bay. What does that mean? The website is a platform for anyone in Torbay to find and share opportunities to volunteer, to socialise, take part in events and services, any local services, and – in quite a literal sense – earn (and then spend) time through time banking. Timebanking is a community-based currency of time-owed in the form of credits, where an hour lent = 1 credit. You could help someone for an hour with their gardening, in exchange for an hour owed for any help you may need. To find our more, visit www.torbaytogether.org.uk, or if you need to talk it through with someone, contact Paul Trainer by calling 07971 951429 or emailing [email protected].

Now one key element of getting out and about is of course transport. After several bus routes became defunct around the Bay, residents voiced their concerns, making it clear this would leave many to become lonely and isolated. This led to the creation of Ourbus Torbay, a community-based bus service, which currently runs 16-seater bus routes 61 & 65 between Paignton and Torquay, along with hire services and trips out. For more details, speak to Kelly Bedoyan by ringing 07816 407495 or emailing [email protected].

As well as being to remain sociable and find the means to get around, another crucial element for everyone is staying healthy – and this becomes more and more prominent the further we get through life. Live Longer Better is part of the “optimal Ageing revolution” which aspires to teach older people ways to remain healthy through the likes of exercise and physical activity, therefore improving their quality of life. These take place through sessions in person, or can be done through online earning – which is also available for professionals looking to help the older population. To find out more, speak with Jess Slade by ringing 07772 023170 or emailing [email protected].

A key legacy of our previous Ageing Well Torbay programme was a platform for residents to have their voices heard, and to be able to influence local decision-making by working alongside statutory services. This came in the form of the Torbay Assembly, which while initially dedicated to over fifties, has now opened its doors to all ages, welcoming all who wish to be involved with Torbay’s steps forward. To learn more about the assembly and how you can get involved, contact Jess Slade by phoning 07772 023170 or emailing [email protected].

If I were to repeat this series of columns in a year’s time, there’s no doubt there would be a drastic change in the content included, as our scope of projects and programmes has changed and grown significantly since TCDT first launched in 2014.

To get in touch with us about anything, call Torbay Community Development Trust on 01803 212638, email [email protected], visit www.torbaycommunities.com or follow us on Facebook and Twitter at @TorbayCDT.